About Us

Rideline is one of the largest online motorcycle accessory stores in Australia. With a high standard of customer service and a long standing in the industry of over 25 years, it is no wonder that people keep coming back for sales and service. With being in the top ten dealerships Australia wide with sales and service for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Can-am, Kawasaki, Ducati, Yamaha and KTM. We have everything that you need.



Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to customer service doesn’t end there; we have one of the largest collections of apparel, accessories and spare parts in Australia. We know motorcycling is not only a method of transport, but a passion and we hope that we can share that passion with you.

Our aim at Rideline is to provide the ride you seek at all stages of your life.


We Understand You

Your needs will change throughout this time and at every point, we aim to have the right stock to choose from, the right staff who understand why you ride and what you need to make the experience complete.

At all times we, Rideline, will stay in touch with what the ride is to each of our customers…the excitement, freedom, peace, independence, fun, youthfulness, joy, friendships, and belonging, while remembering all the reasons why we ride as well.

Just as your reason for riding is a personal one, we aim to demonstrate to you, our customers that we get why you ride. As a result, Rideline aims to become part of the riding experience with you.